A sunny cover design for the Grid Notebook

By April 11, 2013Design, Product Development
grid notebook epokka mid-century modern

Yesterday, we finished the work on the Epokka notebook covers. Here is a preview of the design for the Dot Grid Notebook. We wanted something fun, happy and inviting. It’s very important for us to remember the feeling of work and creativity as a joyful experience.

Do you remember as a kid when you would get new school supplies? There was a unique feeling of excitement when using the new materials. You could smell them, touch them and organize them over and over before you would even start using them. That’s what we’re going for at Epokka.

So here we have a notebook to write on a grid. But… come on! It doesn’t need to be all serious and boring. It needs to be inviting because this is going to be your personal creative playground. And it’s proven that there’s nothing better for creativity than relaxing and having a little fun before you start. Like all Epokka products, it has a mid-century modern flavor; a playful feeling. We decided to bring in a feeling of joy… is there anything better than a grid made of sunny colors and stars?


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