Settling in to Our New Space

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As I write this, I’m settling in on our most comfortable sofa drinking my favorite spicy orange tea. The smell of apple cinnamon spices is in the air. And I’m blessed with the feeling of ease that only accompanies deep satisfaction. The kind of satisfaction that only comes after the kind of hard work that pushes you to your limits. The kind that causes you to examine where you are in your life now and discover what’s most meaningful.

Koldo and I have spent the past year on our own internal process of discovery that has taken us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and a deeper understanding of how we could better serve our clients. What we’ve done is not just a superficial re-brand, but a reformation of our approach, our processes, our energy, and just about every single aspect of our business. What is visible to the eye is only a small part of the result. The consequences as a whole ended up being much more than we possibly could have ever imagined.

We’ve learned many lessons. About who we are and the gifts we have developed to help people find the best in themselves. The true beautiful self is often hidden deep inside. Sometimes it’s where we think our weaknesses are. The parts of ourselves we hide from others. Or perhaps the self that’s hidden in a bunch of little things that add up to something tremendous. Something we aren’t capable of seeing in ourselves with our own eyes because we don’t know how to look. Or maybe we just haven’t afforded ourselves the opportunity to submerge ourselves into the type of introspection that brings significant insight and lasting change.

Total submersion means experiencing it all. We’ve learned that when we dive together deep into the waters with our clients, we can share the experience and view the world through their eyes. Call it empathy. Call it intuition. Call it the result of a thorough process. Call it what else you will, but the results are amazing.

When was the last time you felt so understood, you cried tears of joy? Or were just amazed because it all felt so…right? Like if everything locked into it’s place and the tune was pitch perfect. That’s a bit of what’s been happening in our studio and when clients see their results this year. In short, pure magic and full resonance.

That’s not to say that it hasn’t had its challenges. Most things worth doing don’t come easily. These are often the types of challenges that push you further than you think you’re capable of. But, that doesn’t mean the journey can’t be filled with love, joy, and illusion.

And so, we are proud to share this new direction with you. Not just this website, or this blog, or the little glimpses into our studio and daily life and work. We’re also proud to share this worldly space with you and the extraordinary people we’re honored to have the opportunity to work with every single day. See some of them here.  Or, learn more about how this new deep dive/discovery service works.

Growing, connecting, exploring, discovering, creating, experiencing, shifting, and sharing our unique strengths with the universe. Together. This is what it’s all about.

Solutions Not Resolutions

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Here’s the newest book cover we’ve been working on for a lovely client. Theme: Change, resolutions, and transformation! I feel so lucky when clients bring work that invites me to find little sparks of light inside and make them shine. It’s such a joy to work on fun things with great clients like this cover for an amazing upcoming book.