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Lavender, UNO, and Seafood Cream

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The weather has continued to surprise us in the best way.

Since the summer began,  everyday I’ve been enjoying my morning coffee time sitting on our porch and taking notes about whatever comes to mind in my Epokka’s UNO Idea Book System. Right now, the lavender out in front of our house is blooming in all its glory!

epokka notebook

The lavender scent was mixed with the fresh breeze from the sea.

Koldo said it reminded him of Spain and every time he says that he then has to cook up some Spanish food.

Fish and Seafood Cream

Today, Koldo prepared a delicious cold cream of fish and seafood dish.

We’ll be spending the rest of the day gearing up for this year’s 4th of July fun. How about you?

Persona Development with the DUO

How I Use My Duo for UX Design Work

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I thought for today’s post it might be helpful to show one of our Epokka notebook systems in action. While they can be used for pretty much anything you’d like (we call them Idea Books because we think they are perfect for that), I personally have different ones for different things.

For example, when I’m working on a client’s project doing the user experience strategy work, I find it handy to have a system  for each project with one Idea Book for notes and another for Diagrams and Wireframe Ideas.

Here is a project I’m currently working on. In the first notebook, I have outlined some initial ideas for the main user personas. I like to have a loosely structured format first (general personality type stuff, then some keywords, and then goals or services that apply to them).

Wireframe Development with the DUO

The good thing about this is that I can do as many as I need quickly and then later flesh them out before I put them into a more formal presentation format.

For the wireframes, I do a similar type of process. I often like to do several very fast wireframes on paper just to get an idea of what I think  might work best. They are generally not at all neat and tidy, as you can see. Sometimes ideas come quickly, so it’s important to me that I don’t get bogged down in small details and measuring proportions or I might lose an idea. After I get a few I like, then I go through the same process of fleshing them out formally.

So, there you have it! One DUO, one part of the UX process.

Epokka promo video

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Here is the promo video that we have created to launch Kickstarter’s campaign for Epokka. Our resources were very limited to produce it so since the very first day, we decided to make the best multi-creative experience of it. Everything has been produced in house by us:  illustration, photography, animation, music, etc…

After 6 months of work during weekends and nights, we can say that it has been the most fulfilling and beautiful experience that we have lived together. Multi-creativity is such a miraculous gift and it can really change your life for better and bring so much happiness and joy! We want to share this with you, invite you all to let yourself go and open your heart to it.

We’d be so honored if you could take a couple minutes check out our project and have a look at the video.
If you feel your friends would like to know about this, please share it in your whereabouts. We are very grateful for your support!