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Conclusions from a Failed Kickstarter Campaign

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As Koldo detailed in his last post, there are many reasons why we are personally content with the journey we went through to get our Kickstarter campaign together even though we didn’t get it funded.

However, there are many assumptions that we made that had we known before we started, we would not have attempted to fund our campaign through Kickstarter. We’ve gathered stats and other details that we hope will be helpful for anyone else thinking of attempting funding of their own campaign on Kickstarter.

Apart from Kickstarter, there are, of course, likely other secondary reasons why we could have done better, but my main objective today is to focus on what stats we have and the conclusions we might make from those.

I will place the details and stats first and follow-up with our conclusions based on the data we have at this moment.

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Epokka promo video

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Here is the promo video that we have created to launch Kickstarter’s campaign for Epokka. Our resources were very limited to produce it so since the very first day, we decided to make the best multi-creative experience of it. Everything has been produced in house by us: ¬†illustration, photography, animation, music, etc…

After 6 months of work during weekends and nights, we can say that it has been the most fulfilling and beautiful experience that we have lived together. Multi-creativity is such a miraculous gift and it can really change your life for better and bring so much happiness and joy! We want to share this with you, invite you all to let yourself go and open your heart to it.

We’d be so honored if you could take a couple minutes check out our project and have a look at the video.
If you feel your friends would like to know about this, please share it in your whereabouts. We are very grateful for your support!