Help Wanted: Tech Task Master

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ShiftFWD is busy!

We’re on the lookout out for someone who can help with regular small tasks in our studio for us and our clients. These include things like:

  • Updating WordPress and plugins
  • Fixing little bugs and annoyances
  • Making small website text changes
  • Making website backups
  • Light CSS/HTML design changes, etc.
  • Preparing simple graphics in Photoshop based on templates and guidelines
  • Optimizing sites for mobile-readiness


  • Reliability
  • A good handle on WordPress
  • Decent HTML/CSS skills
  • Adobe Photoshop experience
  • Good productivity and self-direction skills
  • A curious mind/openness to learning new things

Nice, but not necessary:

  • Javascript and bug troubleshooting skills
  • Shopify experience
  • Squarespace experience
  • Adobe InDesign experience
  • Adobe Illustrator experience
  • Opportunity-seeking approach (see something that could be better? Let’s see if we can find a way to do it!)

Especially important for us is that you are someone who is reliable and does what they say they will, when they say they’ll do it. We won’t micro-manage and follow you around, but we do need to know what’s happening at all times so that we can relay this info to our clients. This is essential for us and for our clients.

Beyond that, we’re not big fans of  unnecessary meetings or extra face or phone time. If you prefer to get right down to work and get stuff done, you’ll enjoy working with us. You’ll get access to our project management system and we’ll get you what you need to do your work, communicate with you quickly, trust you to do your thing how you know best, and pay you on time. Easy peasy.

As for us, we highly value a constructive approach. We’re not falsely positive, nor are we negative nellies. We like to get stuff done in the easiest and most joyful and flow-y way possible (although we might sometimes say silly things just to make you giggle). We’re also aware that everyone needs their own personal time. We won’t contact you after hours or on the weekends and if you contact us, we won’t be here to answer *smile*.

We expect to have about 10-20 hours of work per month to start. If all goes well and you’d like more hours, we’ll find ways to bring in more of this type of work for you.

All work will be done remotely. Although if you ever visit Bellingham, WA area, we’d love to invite you to some tasty tasty home-made Basque food.

Might this be you or anyone else you know? Let me know by shooting us a message with info including:

  • The best way to reach you or the person you are recommending (website or email)
  • Your own requirements (terms, your rates, etc)
  • What you expect from us (how can we take care of you?)

We look forward to hearing from you!

New Client Work:

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Every once in awhile we’re fortunate enough to get a new client project that is personally meaningful for us too. Such is the case with

Kristen initially approached us to help her figure out the information architecture of her site. That is, how to organize the content and taxonomy/categories in a logical way and how to make sure the website’s layout is intuitive, meaningful, and easy to use for her readers.

Once that was done, she opted for a full brand look and feel and website design and build.

We couldn’t be any happier with how the project turned out and it’s a joy to see the site already taking off! We wish Kristen and company all the success in the world. They deserve it!

Visit the site here:


Settling in to Our New Space

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As I write this, I’m settling in on our most comfortable sofa drinking my favorite spicy orange tea. The smell of apple cinnamon spices is in the air. And I’m blessed with the feeling of ease that only accompanies deep satisfaction. The kind of satisfaction that only comes after the kind of hard work that pushes you to your limits. The kind that causes you to examine where you are in your life now and discover what’s most meaningful.

Koldo and I have spent the past year on our own internal process of discovery that has taken us to a deeper understanding of ourselves and a deeper understanding of how we could better serve our clients. What we’ve done is not just a superficial re-brand, but a reformation of our approach, our processes, our energy, and just about every single aspect of our business. What is visible to the eye is only a small part of the result. The consequences as a whole ended up being much more than we possibly could have ever imagined.

We’ve learned many lessons. About who we are and the gifts we have developed to help people find the best in themselves. The true beautiful self is often hidden deep inside. Sometimes it’s where we think our weaknesses are. The parts of ourselves we hide from others. Or perhaps the self that’s hidden in a bunch of little things that add up to something tremendous. Something we aren’t capable of seeing in ourselves with our own eyes because we don’t know how to look. Or maybe we just haven’t afforded ourselves the opportunity to submerge ourselves into the type of introspection that brings significant insight and lasting change.

Total submersion means experiencing it all. We’ve learned that when we dive together deep into the waters with our clients, we can share the experience and view the world through their eyes. Call it empathy. Call it intuition. Call it the result of a thorough process. Call it what else you will, but the results are amazing.

When was the last time you felt so understood, you cried tears of joy? Or were just amazed because it all felt so…right? Like if everything locked into it’s place and the tune was pitch perfect. That’s a bit of what’s been happening in our studio and when clients see their results this year. In short, pure magic and full resonance.

That’s not to say that it hasn’t had its challenges. Most things worth doing don’t come easily. These are often the types of challenges that push you further than you think you’re capable of. But, that doesn’t mean the journey can’t be filled with love, joy, and illusion.

And so, we are proud to share this new direction with you. Not just this website, or this blog, or the little glimpses into our studio and daily life and work. We’re also proud to share this worldly space with you and the extraordinary people we’re honored to have the opportunity to work with every single day. See some of them here.  Or, learn more about how this new deep dive/discovery service works.

Growing, connecting, exploring, discovering, creating, experiencing, shifting, and sharing our unique strengths with the universe. Together. This is what it’s all about.

Our trip to Keuka College, NY

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We spent 3 days at Keuka College for the restructure of their whole online experience. It was amazing to work with such inspiring group of people who are really passionate and full of love for their work at one of the most innovative colleges in the USA.


The evening sun entering Keuka College is just magical! But it’s inside the campus where all the miracles happen,


Listening to and learning about the needs, visions and dreams is one of our favorite parts of our work. We’ve been astonished to find how Keuka College and their brilliant people are full of unique treasures to work with. Best case scenario ever!


We felt at home in the guest house by the lake where we spent a few days. Most of the meetings where held here and the atmosphere was cozy. Thanks Pete Bekisz and Keuka College!


The view from the guest house door. Morning coffees were so inspiring!


After pretty intensive meetings, sitting here, just the two of us, talking about our excitement about the project was the cherry on top.



We have such a beautiful memory of working by the lake early in the morning, before the meetings.


Penn Yan, a few miles from Keuka College, has a nice East Coast flavor.


Pastel colors from the old times.



Aged mid-century modern is always so anachronic!


At the local restaurant, we had the best meat ever!. We didn’t order this roasted garlic but they served it as an appetizer.


The mid-century modern supercute Clock of Nations at Rochester airport was designed by Gere Kavanaugh in the 60’s. It was a really nice surprise!!



Traveling back home. Detroit Express Tram reminded us of those futuristic trains in Disneyland!


We were amazed with the Light Tunnel at Detroit’s airport, that connects several concourses at the terminal.


A very relaxing experience which reminded Koldo to his old days in ambient experimental performances.


Arriving at Seattle after a long trip coast to coast makes you feel like embracing the Space Needle!


The beginning of a beautiful creative story with Pete Bekisz and all the amazing people at Keuka College. Thank you guys!

It’s the beginning of a new era for Epokka!

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Last year, we envisioned and brought to life a series of notebook and systems for creative people. At the time, what we wanted most was to experience the journey. So we dove in headfirst and it was a magic time! There were a few difficult moments,  but on the other hand, we were amazed by the enormous and sincere support from so many people who wanted to support us and see our products come to life.

Because our first notebook products didn’t reach the market due to lack of funding and logistical problems with production, by the time we needed to make a decision, we felt it would be better to keep creating new alternative products than get stuck with a product that was very expensive to produce for a startup business like us. Still, we keep hope that there will be a right time for it in the future.

The past few months we’ve brainstorming a lot out in the garden, improvising spontaneous martini meetings to make decisions, dreaming out loud, and refilling our batteries. The last couple of years, I’ve been working on a series of experiments to help myself find motivation and meaning on a daily basis using images, drawings, organizational tools and other stuff. At the same time, Naomi was also working on different ideas for daily planning and organizational tools.

At one stage, all these ideas from both of us seemed to magically click into one. We both felt butterflies in our stomach when the moment was right. And now the ball must roll again. We have a number of different products that we will be producing this year, one at a time. We still believe that analog and working with your hands is as important today as it ever was. So yes, they’ll all be paper tools.

Some of these products will also be very much oriented toward recovering and developing the feminine aspects of everyday life and what it means to be a creative person. Both Naomi and I are very aware that this is a very important moment for the world to embrace the original wisdom of the feminine nature.

Other products will be dedicated to recovering the child within us and giving ourselves permission to feel creative, happy, and full of illusion every day of our lives.

The first product that we’ve been working on for the last few months is a planner system that has a lot to do with feelings and motivations. In fact, we started working on this planner just for ourselves, so we could bring light and energy to our days and be more connected and in tune with our emotions.

From now on,  you’ll be seeing more about our new products and progressions as well as other creative endeavours we’re working on. It’s been a few months of necessary hiatus because we’ve felt we need a secret space for a while to get the most of our creativity. But now it’s time to share and dream together. We look forward to staying in touch with you and appreciate very much your feedback and ideas.

We’re sure this is going to be a wonderful year full of creative adventures! Thank you for being here with us.

Congrats Sophia Associates

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Many congratulations on Sophia Associates on their new site! It was an honor for us to work alongside them to help update their website’s look and strategy in order to help bring their business into their next phase.

Sophia Associates provides thought leadership and offerings for leaders, teams, and individuals. Not only doing they do great work for others, they are just amazing people as well.

They deserve everything good coming their way!

Weekend Creative Combo: Celebratory Chocolate

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Yesterday Koldo and I wrapped up the shooting of our promo video for our Epokka’s Kickstarter campaign. It’s for the introduction of the video and was a challenge for us to put together because neither one of us is accustomed to getting in front of the camera. There were several technical difficulties with the audio and such, but in the end we pulled through and are as happy as we’re going to get with it, moving past the discomfort of seeing ourselves on video.

After we shot the video,  we decided to celebrate with low-carb chocolate cream puffs in our favorite pastel colors. Perfect ending to a good day! Just don’t ask me what happened after that!

Set Design: Koldo Barroso and Naomi Niles
Photography: Naomi Niles