A DIY multi-creative video for Epokka

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When we first discussed the promo video for our Epokka campaign, which will be showcased at Kickstarter in a couple of weeks, we were very clear about doing everything in-house: videography, design, arts & crafts, illustration, music, etc. This is the advantage of experiencing a creative life, but what is more important: we can have fun with every step in the process.

We spent the last weekend shooting a couple of scenes and set two different stages: one with a landscape and another with a decorative mobile. It’s been magical to see the whole thing coming alive!

A home for our products

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Painting, cutting, setting, placing, testing… We are starting to shoot the promotional video for Epokka this weekend. So these are the kind of cha-cha-cha movements going on at our studio right now.

We are creating props and decoration and Koldo is creating a beautiful scenery with illustrations for the video and photo shooting. It’s very intense, but extremely fun and fulfilling. It’s beautiful to create a little world within a world for our products. It’s like creating a home for their little ‘paper souls’.