Coast to coast to toast

Dear diary: I woke up this morning in Rochester; NY with the singing of the birds, then I’m going to bed listening to the cuckoos in Seattle. Today, Naomi and I crossed the US from coast to coast. We have taken two planes, drove two cars, we have seen an anacronic Quaker woman driving a horse cart, a 4 y.o. kid playing piano on a tablet device, two little deer dead on the sides of the roads in New York, a new baby born squirrel in our backyard… all in the same day.

But the image that prevails is this one: Naomi and I, dead tired after such a long trip, toasting and talking on top of each other for hours about all the LOVE that we carry in our luggage. It’s love from an amazing team of people from Keuka college who feel a passion to make our world a little better. Pete Bekisz, a guy with a vision of future from whom we’ve learned so much…Sandra Devaux, our companion designer, such a special artist whose work has been so inspiring… So many stories and individuals full of illusion, proud and passion for their work! Tonight, Naomi and I feel infinitely fortuned because, my friends, there are still so many pretty things to do…


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