Help Wanted: Tech Task Master

By May 14, 2015News

ShiftFWD is busy!

We’re on the lookout out for someone who can help with regular small tasks in our studio for us and our clients. These include things like:

  • Updating WordPress and plugins
  • Fixing little bugs and annoyances
  • Making small website text changes
  • Making website backups
  • Light CSS/HTML design changes, etc.
  • Preparing simple graphics in Photoshop based on templates and guidelines
  • Optimizing sites for mobile-readiness


  • Reliability
  • A good handle on WordPress
  • Decent HTML/CSS skills
  • Adobe Photoshop experience
  • Good productivity and self-direction skills
  • A curious mind/openness to learning new things

Nice, but not necessary:

  • Javascript and bug troubleshooting skills
  • Shopify experience
  • Squarespace experience
  • Adobe InDesign experience
  • Adobe Illustrator experience
  • Opportunity-seeking approach (see something that could be better? Let’s see if we can find a way to do it!)

Especially important for us is that you are someone who is reliable and does what they say they will, when they say they’ll do it. We won’t micro-manage and follow you around, but we do need to know what’s happening at all times so that we can relay this info to our clients. This is essential for us and for our clients.

Beyond that, we’re not big fans of  unnecessary meetings or extra face or phone time. If you prefer to get right down to work and get stuff done, you’ll enjoy working with us. You’ll get access to our project management system and we’ll get you what you need to do your work, communicate with you quickly, trust you to do your thing how you know best, and pay you on time. Easy peasy.

As for us, we highly value a constructive approach. We’re not falsely positive, nor are we negative nellies. We like to get stuff done in the easiest and most joyful and flow-y way possible (although we might sometimes say silly things just to make you giggle). We’re also aware that everyone needs their own personal time. We won’t contact you after hours or on the weekends and if you contact us, we won’t be here to answer *smile*.

We expect to have about 10-20 hours of work per month to start. If all goes well and you’d like more hours, we’ll find ways to bring in more of this type of work for you.

All work will be done remotely. Although if you ever visit Bellingham, WA area, we’d love to invite you to some tasty tasty home-made Basque food.

Might this be you or anyone else you know? Let me know by shooting us a message with info including:

  • The best way to reach you or the person you are recommending (website or email)
  • Your own requirements (terms, your rates, etc)
  • What you expect from us (how can we take care of you?)

We look forward to hearing from you!


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