Introducing Epokka’s DUO!

We promised we would share what we are making and here it is!

This is the Epokka’s DUO, the semi-final prototype of what will be our notebook system for multi-creative people in a juicy yellow and blue color scheme.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, one of the biggest problems Koldo and I have always had is being able to keep our notebooks in one place. When we talked to other creative people, we realized that they had the same problem too. When you like to create different types of things or brainstorm in different ways, it can get messy carrying around multiple notebooks all the time.


The Duo is a way to carry two notebooks in one place, wrapped in a beautiful hardcover made with traditional bookbinding techniques for protection.

There will also be a small handy envelope in the back to carry bits of paper and notes. And not only will there be a DUO, but there will also be a TRIO (for three notebooks) and an UNO (for one notebook) for those who don’t need to carry around several notebooks, but like hardcover protection and beauty.


We have a semi-final version of the prototype of the DUO itself although the notebooks inside are still in the development stages.


We hope to have a preview of those and other fun things we’re working on in the next few weeks!


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