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Epokka Idea Books – An Innovative Notebook System for Creatives

Couple Raise Funds for Their New Innovative First Line of Notebook Products on Kickstarter


Epokka Idea Book Systems are the perfect tools to experience all of your different types of creative ideas in one nice place.

After several years working in multiple creative fields and having a problem that all creative people face, married couple Koldo Barroso and Naomi Niles decided to do something about it.

Many creative people need a nice place to take different types of creative ideas without carrying a bunch of different notebooks around.

Not only is this a system to keep all creative ideas in one fun place, but also a platform that enhances different forms of creativity at the same time. You can switch from one notebook to the other easily. And even work with several notebooks at the same time. You can also mix and match what notebooks you need (dot-grid, lined, or blank sketch) and keep them all together nicely.

Koldo and Naomi use age-old traditional bookbinding techniques to build the cases that hold the notebooks. They are bound with beautiful high-quality linen-feeling bookcloth that is amazingly tactile.

Together, it all makes taking creative ideas a delightful experience. And they are nice to look at too. Early prototypes out in the field have garnered feedback such as, “What a great idea!”,  “They’re just magical!”, and “Wow, they look so beautiful!”.

They have launched their first product line on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform for creative work that allows larger numbers of people to pre-fund a project in advance. They are attempting to raise $9,300 in 30 days to buy materials and get it off the ground.

Kickstarter campaigns run under an “all-or-nothing” funding model so if the Epokka Notebook project doesn’t reach it’s goal by July 16, then Koldo and Naomi go home empty-handed.

Check out the project on and you might be among the first to get your own notebook system.

The project can be found at this web address:

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