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One of the things that drives our design decisions is nostalgia. You may have noticed that we are influenced by things from the past. From the curious and fun to playful and charming.

Both Koldo and I are the nostalgic types and feel that a large part of creativity is approaching your project with a child-like curiosity and sense of wonder. When you were a kid, I bet you didn’t worry about getting everything just perfect or if something was very practical. You just tried it and if it didn’t work, that was ok, you just tried something else!

This is the feeling we want people to have when they use our products. That it’s ok to have fun again. In fact, it’s more than ok. It’s encouraged!

To honor our own pasts, we’ve started a Pinterest board with some of our favorite objects from our childhood. Things that we created fun stuff with or that made us think about and understand our world just a little better.

Koldo’s also added several items from Spain from his childhood. I think it’s fascinating to see how Mid-Century design developed in Spain. It has its own special charm. It’s also funny to see that Koldo and I shared some of the same objects even though we were over a decade and many miles apart.

The book above is one passed down to me from my mother. It was a little short on instructions, but long on fun and creative ideas to make things with simple objects like paper and wood. I made several projects from the book with big DIY love.

You can find the board here.

What special objects do you remember from your childhood?



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