Picking Cloth Swatches

By February 16, 2013Product Development

Finding a right cloth for our forthcoming notebook products has been a challenge. We finally got all of the swatches we requested in the mail, but we’re not convinced on any yet. We decided to get the bookbinding cloth options we could find and start there because if we use another fabric, we’ll need to back it with paper and it may not be as durable as a bookbinding cloth if we don’t choose the fabric very carefully.

We requested some beautiful Japanese bookbinding cloth samples. They’re gorgeous, but most of them are shiny, which won’t suit what we want to do. They would be perfect for wedding photo albums, memory books, and other special books where something elegant is needed, but aren’t just what we need for our product.

Then there are other bookbinding cloths that we like the feel and texture of, but the colors feel a little outdated or aren’t neutral enough to be combined with other colors easily. It’s surprisingly difficult to find a decent selection of bookbinding cloth colors.

For now, we are going to keep requesting some regular fabric samples and wait for the paper samples to see how the combinations look together.


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