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By June 28, 2013Week Love

Look what we got in the mail! We regularly buy just a few select magazines and publications, but I really do look forward to getting these in particular.

It’s rare to see the level of quality and care that UPPERCASE magazine has. When you see it, you can just feel that it was designed with love. Make no mistake, making something with this level of attention is difficult. The layout is sublime, the images and featured works are beautiful, the stories are carefully curated, and the printing quality and paper is just amazing. Getting little extras from designers and shops with the issues is like the cherry on top.


Speaking of cherries, I thought the little scratch & sniff cherries on the cover of issue number 17 was so cute and unexpected.


These little touches of care and UPPERCASE’S focus on supporting the creative community make the magazines well worth the price, in my opinion.


Pure delight and love, plain and simple.

We were sad to hear that due to unexpected circumstances, UPPERCASE has to move their headquarters. In order to raise funds for the move, they are offering a big sale of their back issues and books until Sunday. If you get to the shop on time, you can get many of the back issues 50% off, which is quite a steal indeed.

Visit their shop here to get yours.


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