Vintage Cookbooks and Other Things We Loved This Week

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Who in the U.S. doesn’t have an old Better Homes and Gardens cookbook somewhere about? When we first moved to the U.S., we saw an old one from the 1968 in Goodwill and I couldn’t resist taking it home.

Oh, the traditions and the weird ideas! Strangely, some of the coloring in the photos seem to make the food look rather unappealing. Never you mind, you go on with your pretty French macarons and we’ll be over here with our cocktail wiener tree.

Speaking of cookbooks, how great is this mid-century modern cooking flickr pool we found of not only snapshots of old recipes, but photos of recipes people have cooked themselves?

Mmm, chocolate goodness

Pass me a wiener?

Another joy to find was this amazing roundup of beautiful bookboards on Design Mom. It’s probably no surprise that we share a common love of books around here.


I believe my favorite is the Alexander Girard cover, but it’s a tough decision!

Every once in awhile you find something so timeless that you’re not sure if it’s actually vintage or modern. That’s how I felt when I first saw these gorgeous scans from The First Book of Language, 1962, courtesy of Present and Correct.


Oh, Scandinavian design! You light up my heart and make me want to play! Do they have something in the water over there or what? Nina Invoirm is having a sale over at her shop right now on her wonderful charming ceramic pieces.


I wouldn’t want to use these, just put them up on pretty shelves and look at them.

First cookbook photo: Naomi Niles
Second cookbook photo: Vintage Midcentury
Alexander girard cover photo: Alison Moore
Book of Language Scan: Present and Correct
Ceramics Photo: Nina Invoirm


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