Weekend Creative Combo: Celebratory Chocolate

By June 9, 2013Creative Combo, News

Yesterday Koldo and I wrapped up the shooting of our promo video for our Epokka’s Kickstarter campaign. It’s for the introduction of the video and was a challenge for us to put together because neither one of us is accustomed to getting in front of the camera. There were several technical difficulties with the audio and such, but in the end we pulled through and are as happy as we’re going to get with it, moving past the discomfort of seeing ourselves on video.

After we shot the video,  we decided to celebrate with low-carb chocolate cream puffs in our favorite pastel colors. Perfect ending to a good day! Just don’t ask me what happened after that!

Set Design: Koldo Barroso and Naomi Niles
Photography: Naomi Niles


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