What is multi-creativity?

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What is multi-creativity?

Do I need to be an artist to be multi-creative?

Am I a multi-creative person?

How can I embrace multi-creativity?

Naomi and I have been asking ourselves these and other similar questions for a long time. The answers that we obtained were the seeds of the dream that we are now putting to life. We’d like to share them with you in this and a series of forthcoming posts.

There is no such thing as ‘multi-creativity’. Our brain makes no difference between creative professions and creative tasks. It’s all part of the same string of expansive movement: an impulse of constant transformation which mirrors the creative universe we are part of. The universe expands, destroys and creates. So does our mind.

If all creativity is multi-creativity, why to use this word at all? Only for practical reasons. Sadly, the original sense of creativity has been erased in our culture, so we need to remember it’s ‘multiple’ condition in order to understand it and reclaim it.

When Naomi and I first thought of tools to promote and reinforce the act of multi-creativity, we were very clear that we wanted to focus on products that would help everyone develop their multiple forms of creativity, rather than making tools only for certain types of creative professions. That’s why we’ve designed three different types of idea books (dot grid, lined and sketch) that can be used to multiple ways to work with creative ideas, including creative writing,  designing, and drawing.

And we wanted tools that would work in tune with the natural creative process. So we have designed a set of Idea Books that can work together as part of the same Idea System. This way, you can easily work with different types of creativity ideas and/or also easily switch from one to the other. Just what we’ve been missing all these years!

In the next posts, we will both talk more about what means to be a multi-creative and about the journey that we made to get here. A rather long and winding road…

Image Credits:
Photography: Naomi Niles
Illustration: Koldo Barroso


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